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Company Objective

ILS Support Ltd provides tailored Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) services to customers who require a high quality solution to their individual requirements.  By focusing on the customer’s specific requirements the company provides cost-effective ILS packages, a personal service and a full application of ILS principles.

ILS Services

ILS Support Ltd can provide a range of services from full ILS Management of a project to individual Logistic Support Analysis. The experience within the company covers the ILS Management of major MoD projects including: -

  • Eurofighter Missile Warner System
  • Apache Attack Helicopter
  • RAF Communication Systems

The company has experience in the structured analysis of equipment, systems and installations to: -

  • Produce Maintenance and Supply Support plans
  • Identify and minimise Life-Cycle Costs
  • Carry out Availability, Reliability and Maintainability (ARM) analysis.
  • Review manpower and facilities requirements.
  • Provide Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation (PHS&T) plans.
  • Meet the requirements of Def Stan 00-60.
  • Monitor logistics performance. (FRACAS / DRACAS)

The company can also provide bespoke Access database solutions to store and manipulate all data captured during the ILS process and maintain this data in a Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR).